A note on challenge/progression

Preserving (mostly) this quote from the Blizzard forums with grammatical/spelling errors in tact:

"can't we all agree that its the strive to be the best and or to be better is what Really keeps us playing this game? if it comes to be and i bust my ass and at the end of the day im not any better then the 8 year old that started playing yesterday, i will Stop playing this game! along with many other people"

The blue response:

"My primary goal when logging into World of Warcraft isn't to be the best. If by better, you mean acquiring more powerful items or higher character levels, I guess that's part of the drive."


To be perfectly blunt, someone who does not understand the thrill of challenge, earned success, and reward shouldn't be a spokesman for a game. Don't misunderstand me, I have no problem with someone who wants to play casually, see some of the content, and get a bit of gear along the way. But that person's playstyle should not be a factor in me seeking to excel beyond that. It should not be used as an argument against my desire to challenge and improve myself. It is a blight on their game that a blue poster would turn a legitimate concern about being appropriately challenged and rewarded into a question of the the legitimacy of being challenged.

Perhaps Zarhym doesn't see it this way and is instead focusing on a perceived elitism (which I don't think is necessarily a bad thing) where the original poster thinks he's better than everyone and Blizzard is just getting in his way of getting to lord it over those lesser people (casuals). This wouldn't be out of line with Zarhym's posting habits; he often comes as defensive in this regard. But if this is the case I think it's a myopic outlook and in this context he's neglecting the poster's second sentence - if you can call that grammatical atrocity a sentence. Even the item acquisition Zarhym mentions is a facet of progression - of the "strive to be the best and or to be better", but more importantly, if the only way you can better your character is by dedicating time and chance and not actually getting better you have failed at your game. You've made a Facebook quality time sink; something the gaming community would consider a mockery, a perversion of itself. You've made a child's board game where the only factor in outcome is chance.


World of Warcraft is not at that state. Not by a long shot and I seriously doubt it ever will be. Frankly I think this blue poster is just out of touch with the gaming community of this game. I am not even talking about the top 2% raiders but pretty much all max-level PVE players. His attitude reminds me of players I'm sure we've all met before who think raiding requires some impractical amount of time, where skill and the development of skill doesn't exist, and hey they could get that gear if they wanted to put in that kind of time but I've got a job and a girlfriend unlike you people. These people have been dismissed by the raiding community because they quite obviously don't know what they're talking about. Dismissed if not out right ridiculed, because it is insulting and absurd for someone who puts forth no effort to condescend to those who have the audacity to care about the game.