DPS Proving Grounds - Endless (PTR)

The first ten waves are unique, after which they cycle back to the start - but each consecutive wave sees increases in mob health, so they are different in that respect. The Banshees do not appear at the start, so the time for them is the time elapsed (all waves are 1 minute). For this post I'd simply like to cover what the mobs are and what each of the 10 unique waves looks like.

The Mobs

  • Amber-Weavers - Projects a slow moving, amber orb that moves towards the caster. When it its something (you, your pet, a mob) it traps the target and anything in a short radius around it for several seconds, effectively stunning them. There is an interruptable cast, and the Amber-Weaver's facing does not change after they start the cast, so you could theoretically run behind them and trap it with its own orb if you wanted to.
  • Banana-Tossers - The graphic is currently bugged for some users on the PTR, but basically they run all over the place and throw bananas that reduce your hit chance for about 3 seconds if you get hit. They can be slowed and stunned.
  • Banshees - Low health mobs that exist for about 10 seconds before exploding and causing you to fail the challenge. These are always a high priority.
  • Mystics - Healers. They only have one heal spell and it is interruptable. The lockout was shorter than my silencing shot duration so you probably want to kill them fairly quickly or CC them.
  • Guardians - Their mechanic is basically the same as the Conquerors in Will of the Emperor. They face a random direction and put out a shield that reflects all damage from that direction. This is a channeled ability and there is some downtime between channels and at the start where they are vulnerable from any direction
  • Sha - Large add with lots of health. These have two phases - one with a defensive shield up in which they take 50% damage, and a vulnerable period once that shield expires in which they take 300% damage. The shield lasts for 40 seconds and the damage taken increase lasts for 20 seconds. So, the damage on them with the shield up is not completely wasted, but you definitely want to have everything off CD for when the shield fades because you will be doing 6 times the damage.
  • Varmints - Low health mobs that come in packs of 6 - 12 and have no special abilities. AoE time! ("chain-lightning-ables")

The Waves

  1. (3) Amber-Weaver, (6) Varmint. The Amber-Weavers form an equilateral triangle that encompasses the Varmint pack at the center.
  2. (1) Amber-Weaver, (1) Mystic, (2) Guardians, (1) Banshee at 0:30. The mobs form a cross shape with the Mystic at the base, the Amber-Weaver at the head, and the Guardian at the two arms.
  3. (2) Banana-Tossers, (16) Varmint. They all start in the center.
  4. (1) Amber-Weaver, (4) Guardians, (1) Banshee at 0:30, +1 Berserker buff. The Guardians form a square that encompasses the Amber-Weaver at the center. There is a Berserker buff between two guardians.
  5. (1) Banana-Tosser, (1) Mystic, (1) Sha, (1) Banshee at 0:30. The Sha is in the center and the Banana-Tosser and Mystic start on opposite sides. Note that the Sha's shield will fade just after the Banshee dies (and everything else should be dead).
  6. (2) Mystics, (6) Varmints, +1 Berserker Buff. The Mystics are at opposite ends with the Varmint pack in the center.
  7. (2) Amber-Weavers, (3) Guardians, (1) Banana-Tosser. The Amber-Weavers and two of the Guardians form a square with mobs of the same type on opposite corners. The third Guardian is in the center, and the Banana-Tosser starts in the center.
  8. (1) Mystic, (2) Slayer, (3) Banshees at 0:45, 0:30, and 0:25. They form a line through the center. Note that the second and third Banshees will overlap!
  9. (1) Amber-Weaver, (1) Banana-Tosser, (1) Guardian, (2) Slayers, (1) Banshee at 0:30. The Slayers, Guardian, and Amber-Weaver form a square with the Slayers at opposite corners. The Banana-Tosser is in the center.
  10. (1) Sha. That's it. First 0:40 can be spend shaving off some of his health (it has more than in the 5th wave) but do not use any CDs that are longer than this.

There is a 15 second break after every tenth wave.


I plan to have follow up posts that actually go into strategy a bit, but this should be a handy starting point for any advanced theories. I made a video of some attempts if you are interested: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3WKhEpD72g Best attempt starts around 19:00. It is still somewhat early in the PTR so some of this is likely to change.