PG - Enemy description

The Enemies

All enemies can be either "Large" or "Small" so far, which reflects how much health they have. In addition, the Large Banshees exist for 5 seconds longer (more on them below). Their level varies from 91 to 93, but arguably the most important DPS check involves a Large Illusionary Sha, which is level 93, so you probably want to reforge to meet raid hit and expertise caps.

  • Amber-Weavers - Projects a slow moving, amber globule that moves towards the caster. When it hits a target, everything a short range is encased in amber and takes 50% increased damage for a brief amount of time. Pets appear to be immune to being encased. Also note that if you are standing too close to the enemy unit you will be encased too, although the radius is short enough that melee should still be able to position themselves appropriately. The Amber-Weaver's cast itself starts facing you, is 3 seconds, and can be interrupted - although you probably do not want to interrupt it. As soon as the cast starts, a faint silhouette shows where the globule will appear, and this starting location does not change regardless of your position afterwards. You could get the Amber-Weaver to start a cast and then run behind it to get it to trap itself, if you wish.
  • Banana-Tossers - These are one of only two mobile enemies in the DPS proving ground, but they can be slowed and CC'd. They run all over the map and throw bananas at you, which reduce your hit chance by 70%. You probably will not have time to get off a cast at 1.5 seconds or longer, making these enemies a huge pain.
  • Banshees - Relatively low health enemies that exist for 10 seconds for the Small variety, and 15 seconds for the Large variety, before exploding and causing you to fail the challenge. These are always a high priority. They are the second mobile enemy, but their pathing is similar to a disoriented target. This is mostly just a concern when trying to trap them in an amber globule.
  • Mystics - Healers. They only have one heal spell and it can be interrupted. They are also susceptible to most forms of crowd control and stuns.
  • Guardians - Their mechanic is basically the same as the Sha of Fear minions in that they face a random direction and project a shield that deflects all damage from that direction. This is a channeled ability and there is some downtime between channels and at the start where they are vulnerable from any direction.
  • Sha - Large add with lots of health. These have two phases - one with a defensive shield up in which they take 50% damage, and a vulnerable period once that shield expires in which they take 300% damage. The shield lasts for 40 seconds and the damage taken increase lasts for 20 seconds. The damage on them with the shield up is not completely wasted but you definitely want to have everything off CD for when the shield fades because you will be doing 6 times the damage.
  • Slayer - These enemies have no abilities and are basically glorified target dummies.
  • Varmints - Low health enemies that come in packs of 6 - 18 and have no abilities.