PG - Endless: waves

The first ten waves are unique, after which they cycle back to the start - but each consecutive wave sees increases in mob health, so they are different in that respect. The Banshees do not appear at the start, so the time for them is the time elapsed (all waves are 1 minute).

As a point of reference - the entrance is considered to be at the top for all of these diagrams.

Wave 1

circle.png Large Illusionary Amber-Weaver (x3), tri.png Small Illusionary Varmint (x6).

You can use the amber globules either on the varmint pack in the center, or on the amber-weavers themselves. This is one of the most generous rounds in terms of damage requirement.

Round 1 Layout


Wave 2

circle.png Small Illusionary Amber-Weaver (x1), star.png Small Illusionary Mystic (x1), square.png Large Illusionary Guardians (x2), Small Illusionary Banshee (x1) at 0:30.

All of these mobs are CC-able, and in fact I preferred to trap the Mystic so that I could aim amber globules at one of the Guardians. Note that the Banshee does not appear on the map - Banshees always appear in the center circle and are not present at the start of a round. This is a "Small" Banshee so it has very little health, but will detonate after 10 seconds and end your attempts, making it a high priority when it appears.



Wave 3

moon.png Large Illusionary Banana-Tossers (x2), tri.png Large Illusionary Varmint (x18).

They all start in the center, but note that the Varmints fan out in a star pattern. Earlier in the PTR they were easily AoE'd, but now some classes will likely only be able to AoE a subset of them. You should still have plenty of time for this round if you can handle the banana tossers quickly.



Wave 4

circle.png Large Illusionary Amber-Weaver (x1), square.png Large Guardians (x4), Small Banshee (x1) at 0:30, spell_nature_bloodlust.jpg Berserking Buff (x1).

There's a large damage requirement here if you need the Berserker, but you may be better off completing this wave without using it, because the requirements for the latter 5 waves are also very high. You will absolutely want to use the amber globules on the Guardians and unleash strong burst damage while they are taking the increased damage from it.



Wave 5

moon.png Small Illusionary Banana-Tosser (x1), star.png Small Illusionary Mystic (x1), skull.png Small Illusionary Sha (x1), Small Illusionary Banshee (x1) at 0:30.

The Sha is in the center and the Banana-Tosser and Mystic start on opposite sides. Note that the Sha's shield will fade just after the Banshee dies (and everything else should be dead).



Wave 6

star.png Large Illusionary Mystics (x2), tri.png Large Illusionary Varmints (x6), spell_nature_bloodlust.jpg Berserking Buff.

CC really isn't required for any of these waves except for maybe this one - unless you have multiple interrupts at your disposal. Note that disorient effects like Scatter Shot, which would normally cause an enemy to resume casting immediately when it wears off, seem to put the enemy's ability on CD in this case. Also, the Varmints are packed close enough together for AoE this time.



Wave 7

circle.png Large Illusionary Amber-Weavers (x2), square.png Large Illusionary Guardians (x3), moon.png Large Illusionary Banana-Tosser (x1).

You'll want to use the amber globules on the diagonal line of Guardians, but the Banana-Tosser will make this difficult if you do not CC or kill him quickly. There is a lot of damage required for this phase so you may want to have some CDs ready.



Wave 8

star.png Large Illusionary Mystic (x1), diamond.png Large Illusionary Slayer (x2), Large Illusionary Banshees (x3) at 0:45, 0:30, and 0:25.

The theme of this phase is being able to do enough damage (and interrupting heals) in order to deal with the banshees. These are of the Large variety which means they have more health than the Small and last for 15 seconds instead of 10 - note that the second and third Banshees will overlap! This wave can be deceiving because the banshees don't show up until later - if you aren't almost done with the other adds by the time these start coming out you will be in trouble.


Wave 9

circle.png Large Illusionary Amber-Weaver (x1), moon.png Large Illusionary Banana-Tosser (x1), square.png Large Illusionary Guardian (x1), diamond.png Large Illusionary Slayers (x2), Large Illusionary Banshee (x1) at 0:30.

CC'ing the Banana-Tosser or killing it quickly will make it easier to use the amber globules on the slayers and guardians.


Wave 10

skull.png Large Illusionary Sha (x1).

On wave 5 you faced a Small Illusionary Sha and a few other mobs - this time it is just the Sha, but he has way more health. This wave has the highest DPS requirement and will likely require several CDs and/or the Berserker buff. Once again you have 40 seconds during which your abilities have little effect, followed by a 20 second burn phase.


 There is a 15 second break after every tenth wave and then it repeats.