Mists vs Cataclysm Buffs/Debuffs

I made a spreadsheet of all of the Mists of Pandaria and Cataclysm buffs and debuffs comparing the two. It's a bit wide, so if you don't like how the image renders take a look at the Google spreadsheet directly: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0AgYeJP_V8EicdEhmV3hueGxjbTZEellWSDR3ZE9yR1E&output=html

This is missing a couple pvp related debuffs as well as things like heroism/bloodlust. Also, it should be noted that the hunter class is a bit off at the moment because I included all of the pet buffs/debuffs (within reason) for Cataclysm but not for Mists. We have no idea which the pets will bring although Blizzard did specifically say that they want hunter pets, especially BM, to fill in some gaps.

I haven't seen anything specifically referencing it, but it looks like replenishment is gone, as is mana pool boosts like Arcane Int, and mana regeneration like Blessing of Might. There is no mention of +3% damage boosts like Ferocious Inspiration. The str/agi buffs like strength of earth totem are also gone, probably in favor of making the AP buff more important.

Some things of note:

  • Tanks all bring physical damage reduction and melee attack speed is gone. This makes tanks all about the same for buffs/debuffs which is what Blizzard stated they wanted to do.
  • Physical vulnerability is brought by all plate (strength) DPS. At the very least you need one STR DPS in your raid or all of your AGI DPS will suffer a bit.
  • Spell haste is brought by all hybrid casters - it was before, but now it's exclusive to them. You can't stack mages/warlocks alone.
  • Monks have hardly any buffs or debuffs to bring. This seems incomplete at first, but priests are in the same boat.
  • Healers as a whole don't bring many buffs. Buffs are much more DPS focused. Resto druids are the only ones bringing a debuff, and I think this is mostly a relic. It's probably not a big deal for them to actually remove it because for most instances they can't be relied upon to keep it up in combat.


Also, be sure to check out Theck's post on the topic. We started making as spreadsheet for this independently and came out with some different takes!