On Items

There are two things I still need to address on wowhuntertools.com, with regards to items. There are a ton of changes to how items work this expansion which are perfectly fine design for the game, but which require a lot of behind the scenes work for tools that wish to use it. One of the changes already in there is "contexts" - so you have one id for a piece of gear, which has one or more contexts (lfr, normal, heroic, mythic, heroic dungeon, crafting skill, etc) which has stat values associated with it. It also has independent chances to be warforged, have a socket, and have some tertiary stats. Warforged and socket stuff is already in there and tertiary stats aren't relevant for this model.

But there are other "bonusList" chances that I haven't addressed yet. These mostly affect crafted gear and quest rewards that roll random secondary stats. Take a look at http://www.wowhead.com/tooltips#related-warlords-of-draenor-tooltip-changes - there are about 20 different "of the" suffixes that are relevant to hunter gear. But wait - most of them actually have about 20 different variations of stats. For instance, take a look at the bonusList chances for http://us.battle.net/api/wow/item/118981. Do people want a dropdown with 100+ different options to select on an already bloated form? I doubt it!

That dropdown of 100+ options is probably the only way to give full customization options, but maybe we just don't need that. What I'm thinking of doing now is two things: 1) if you import someone's data from the armory it just keeps those exact stats and doesn't do any manipulation on it. 2) if you are selecting gear you don't have equipped, just have one "sample" version for each time. For instance, I could have the dropdown have an "Expeditious Bow of the Feverflare" option, with a static set of secondary values, and that's the only option for "Expeditious Bow" (unless you have something else equipped on the armory). If anyone has thoughts on this, feel free to tweet at me about it.


An unrelated issue is I still just need to work in the three stages for crafting gear. It just takes time, and I neglected it in favor of working on other parts of the site since I was mostly looking at raid gear. But at the start of the expansion everyone is using crafted gear (and random stat gear from the CM dailies).