Paragons of the Klaxxi (working strat for heroic)

There are three burn phases for this fight which occur for the first three odd bosses. Because of the soft enrage, damage is still important the rest of the time, but survival should be emphasized. Heroism and second potions should be saved for the third burn (Xaril).

1. Skeer the Bloodseeker (+Rik'kal the Dissector, Hisek the Swarmkeeper)

We need to DPS Rik'kal for the first 5 seconds or so, so that Bloodletting targets him. After that, we need to kill Skeer before the second set of Bloods reach him (they should be slowed and stunned). We also need to react to two of Hisek's mechanics and two of Rik'kals at this time: Rapid Fire (Hisek) will happen once in this phase. We will be near the entrance, where Skeer is dragged to, and the further we are from Hisek the easier it is to avoid. Mutate: Amber Scorpion (Rik'kal) will happen periodically and we should be spread out to avoid the splash damage from the transformation effect. All mutated players need to eat at least one parasite to avoid faulty mutation (an instant kill effect) - you will have two debuff icons that look identical, one of which is removed when you eat a parasite. Aim (Hisek) is the second important Hisek mechanic and will be handled by an assigned team of five players, with assigned backups in case those players are mutated. No one else should be in the Aim line due to the increased chance of having the (massive) splash damage if players are too close. Amber Parasites are a large source of constant damage throughout this fight. While not deadly on its own most of the time, when combined with other incoming damage sources it can cause a death. The parasites can be stunned or have their Feed cast interrupted. Apparently they have unlimited range so roots are not effective.

2. Hisek the Swarmkeeper (+Rik'kal the Dissector, Ka'roz the Locust)

Our slightly less conventional strat has us doing Hisek second instead of Rik'kal because Aim sucks. Ka'roz has two new mechanics to note which really aren't that bad: for Flash (Whirling) he will charge to random locations about 5 or 6 times. The charge leaves a green, glowing effect in the path for about a second which will stun anyone who doesn't get out of it, and do massive periodic damage to them. Hurl Amber will launch amber that creates a large pool doing massive periodic damage to anyone in it - shortly before the timer on this, we want to group up to drop both pools in the same location, and move together before it moves. The first one will always happen at the same time as Rapid Fire! It is important that we do not collapse prematurely due to the splash damage from mutate targets.

3. Korven the Prime (+Ka'roz the Locust, Rik'kal the Dissector)

Get Korven to 65%, push Ka'roz to 50%, burn Korven. This is important because we want to have Amber (Korven) applied to Ka'roz and then be able to kill Korven before the next Amber is cast. Snipe (Hisek buff) will be applied to Korven at 50% for extra damage (unless Esoth is mutated - this is one of the downsides of having Rik'kal still up, but the DPS check seems to be fine even if this does happen). Vicious Assault is the only other mechanic of note that Korven has - this is a frontal cleave, so melee and mutated scorpions should be aware of it.

4. Rik'kal the Dissector (+Ka'roz the Locust, Iyyokuk the Lucid)

Iyyokuk is mostly a healer concern with the other players mostly needing to just spread out in their quadrants and cast self mitigation when needed. Diminish will instantly kill anyone below 25% health that it is cast on, so everyone should be more mindful of their health stone usage. Fiery Edge is the reason we spread out around the room while Iyyokuk is up. If you are targeted for this ability it is important that you not move around after it comes out! Since we are not stacking for Hurl Amber here, be mindful of the amber colored ground effect that denotes where the caustic amber pools will land.

5. Xaril the Poisoned Mind, Ka'roz the Locust, Iyyokuk the Lucid

This is one of the biggest burn phases in the fight - as soon as Xaril lands, the Snipe debuff will be applied, heroism will be cast, and all cooldowns (including second potions) should be used. The goal is to kill Xaril before the second Catalytic Reaction occurs. It is not a wipe if we do get a second, but it is more difficult. In heroic there are no Red, Blue, or Yellow reactions - there are only Purple, Orange, and Green. Players still have Red/Blue/Yellow toxins, so each Catalytic Reaction will affect about 2/3rds of the raid. For instance, a Purple Catalytic Reaction will affect all players with the Red Toxin and all players with the Blue Toxin.

  • Purple - players will be forced to run forward (similar to banishment on Sha of Pride) and drop a purple cloud behind them. You are not affected by your own cloud, so you want to keep this to a very small circle to give everyone else room. These persist for a long time (indefinitely?). Range DPS that are affected by this can still be getting off some dps while spinning in a circle since this DPS check is very important.
  • Orange - players will drop an orange 'void zone' that gradually expands outward. You will not see or need to react to your own. Stepping into someone else's orange void zone is basically instant death. Once it reaches maximum size, it disappears. Melee need to get out and pay special attention to any orange zones that the tanks leave. If we can avoid these it may actually be one of the better colors since the effects do not last for long.
  • Green - players leave behind an Eerie Fog that deals increasing damage. These can theoretically be soaked but shouldn't be needed. These persist for a long time (indefinitely?)

6. Iyyokuk the Lucid (+Kaz'tik the Manipulator, Ka'roz the Locust)

Kaz'tik summons Hungry Kunchongs around the room which will periodically attempt to feed on a player (Mesmerize). When this happens, the target will be compelled to run towards the Kunchong and if they or anyone else gets in front of it they will be immediately killed, transforming the kunchong into a Mature Kunchong. This is true even if they are currently shielded! Mature kunchongs swipe at nearby targets, doing 600k+ damage per hit. They should be killed immediately if spawned. These can be tanked but melee and any nearby ranged need to be very careful they don't get picked up for a swipe. We will probably have 1-2 transform before Kaz'tik is killed, and just have to priority kill the Mature Kunchongs while avoiding their cleave.

7. Kaz'tik the Manipulator (+Ka'roz the Locust, Kil'ruk the Windreaver)

Kil'ruk has two abilities to watch out for: Death from Above which can be avoided, and Reave which should be moved out from. The former is very unforgiving to delay, even on normal mode. If we aren't killing Kaz'tik sixth we will probably have kunchongs mature automatically? Melee and any ranged in the way need to MOVE away quickly.

8. Ka'roz the Locust

The enrage shouldn't be an issue for anyone getting a first kill these days, since their ilvl is much higher than the first few kills. For this reason we kill Ka'roz first to eliminate one more variable from the fight quicker, since he has substantially less health than Kil'ruk. We really need to be focused on our feet to watch out for both Death from Above and Hurl Amber - even 1 tick of the latter is probably instant death at this point.

9. Kil'ruk the Windreaver (+Ka'roz the Locust)

Reave is pretty trivial to avoid at this point, so you really just need to watch out for Death from Above. If you have almost everyone alive and aren't going up against the enrage timer it should be smooth sailing, barring a colossal fuck up. Don't get cocky, kid.

I found that the pacing had a noticeable transition after Rik'kal's death. Part of it is surely because we spent that much more time working on these first four that we were expected to know them inside and out. Dying to missed kunchong while avoiding Death from Above is somewhere more forgivable than getting caught by Rapid Fire. This is also the point where things start getting a bit less scripted - at least with our strat, and my own perceptions. Aside from getting targeted by Mutate, everything for the first four bosses is completely scripted. I knew exactly where to stand and what to do, with every little nuance. We knew that at this one point, even though Hurl Amber came off CD slightly after Mutate, that Hurl Amber always came first - so we should stack. After this point, with Iyyokuk dropping down as we kill Rik'kal, we can no longer afford to have our ranged group stacked. The overlap of timers makes it much more complicated to know when Catalyst is going out, and we also don't know which color is going out, and which people will have to react to it. People have to judge when to use personal damage reduction CDs and healthstones for each individual fiery edge. They need to be extremely mindful of their position for kunchongs (and ranged DPS will have to move even more to get to far out of range Mesmerize targets), Fiery Edge, and Whirling. This isn't to diminish the difficulty of the first four bosses - that still takes some time to smooth out - and in fact the less experience on the latter half is assuredly part of the difficulty. It's just impossible to have a well established groove for these last four or five, and you really need to be constantly alert and reevaluating your position and your priorities.