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PG - general tips

  • Reevaluate your talents and glyphs.
    • Several talents have zero effect in the proving grounds and in many cases there is nothing you can do about it, but in some there may be a single talent that at least has some effect.
    • You will never take damage so healing and damage reduction talents have no effect.
    • Movement speed is important, even for ranged, because of kiting the amber globules and Guardian position requirements.
    • Most enemies do not have enough health for the kind of single target damage rotations you may be used to on a raid boss. The only enemies with enough health for this are the Illusionary Sha, and those favor a build that emphasizes the 20 second burn phase.
  • All buffs are provided for, but you should still bring your own food and flasks.
  • Utilizing amber globules is likely to be very important (they debuff enemies to take 50% increased damage), so you probably want to kill these guys last, or close to last.
  • Multi-dotting is extremely powerful (just like in raids!), if your class has the capability for it. There is some luck involved, but being able to throw out a DoT effect or two while some Guardian across the room has his back to you is important.
  • Pets are very good against Guardians because they will always attack from the back. You can have your pet attack a Guardian across the room while you handle some other task.
  • Most enemies appear to be immune to knock-back effects except for the Banana-Tossers. I'm not sure why you would want to do this though.
  • If you have abilities that can be placed during downtime between waves, like traps, totems, and mushrooms, you will want to do so as they are effectively free at this time. You'll need to learn the exact positions of enemy units in order to maximize this. Take a look at the diagrams for the waves section - many enemies are either in the center-most circle or on the circle behind one of the four tri-spike patterns. There are plenty of exceptions to this!
  • Keep in mind that completing wave 30 takes 30 minutes with basically no breaks, so keep that in mind for your out of game needs and in your in game food/flask durations. Unlike the healer challenges, you actually do drop combat and can eat food buffs here though.
  • All enemies can dodge and parry attacks. This includes the statue-like Slayers and the Banshees that randomly change which direction they are facing!
  • Max-melee range is sufficient to avoid getting trapped when an amber globule hits your target, but there is very little room for error.
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