PG - Gold: waves

In gold you will face 10 waves of enemies, with the duration starting at 30 seconds and progressively getting longer - the 10th wave has a time limit of 1 minute and 20 seconds! Almost all of the waves you will face will consist of "Small" enemies, with only a couple exceptions. There isn't a whole lot of strategy to Gold waves - you really just need to know the mechanics of each enemy type and handle them relatively properly.

Wave 1

diamond.png Small Illusionary Slayer (x2), circle.png Small Illusionary Amber-Weaver (x1). Time: 0:30.

When amber globules strike an enemy that enemy takes 50% more damage for a few seconds so you probably want to tackle the two Slayers first, kiting these globules into at least one of them.


Wave 2

circle.png Small Illusionary Amber-Weaver (x1), moon.png Small Illusionary Banana-Tosser (x1). Time: 0:35.

You probably can't get a globule to hit the Banana-Tosser here, but if you take out that Banana-Tosser first it should be easy to make the Amber-Weaver trap itself.


Wave 3

moon.png Small Illusionary Banana-Tosser (x1), star.png Small Illusionary Mystic (x1), circle.png Small Illusionary Amber-Weaver (x1). Time: 0:40.

Consider using CC on either the Banana-Tosser or Mystic if you are having trouble interrupting heals while dodging bananas.


Wave 4

star.png Large Illusionary Mystic (x1), moon.png Small Illusionary Banana-Tosser (x1), spell_nature_bloodlust.jpg Berserking Buff (x1). Time: 0:40.

Here you are presented with the first Berserking buff - you'll get another in a couple waves. They increase your damage by 30%. Please note that you do not have to use it on the wave it appears - e.g. if you are having trouble with wave 5 but find wave 4 really easy, save it for wave 5. Also, this is the first wave with a Large creature - this Mystic has a lot more health than you fought in the last wave.


Wave 5

square.png Small Illusionary Guardian (3x). Time: 0:45.

Pet classes can benefit from having their pet damage one Guardian while you damage another - to reduce pet movement time. Pets will always attack from behind. These are small creature types so this phase should not be hard unless you are attacking from the front.


Wave 6

tri.png Large Illusionary Varmint (4x), tri.png Small Illusionary Varmint (2x), star.png Small Illusionary Mystic (2x). Time: 0:50.

This is a simple exercise in making sure you can CC a target. The Mystics will not start casting a heal until something is damage so you have plenty of time to get set up at the start if needed.


Wave 7

moon.png Small Illusionary Banana-Tosser (x1), square.png Small Illusionary Guardian (x1), star.png Small Illusionary Mystic (x1), circle.png Small Amber-Weaver (x1), spell_nature_bloodlust.jpg Berserking Buff (x1). Time: 0:55.

This is probably the biggest combination of different enemies faced so far, but you do have a buff if needed.


Wave 8

circle.png Small Illusionary Amber-Weaver (x2), skull.png 1x Small Illusionary Sha. Time: 1:00.

Illusionary Sha will take 50% reduced damage for 40 seconds before losing their shield and taking 300% damage for 20 seconds - or 6 times as much damage as their previous phase. It's probably not worth trying to save amber globules for his increased damage phase because you will not have much time to finish off the Amber-Weaver afterwards. Just get the two Amber-Weavers down before the Sha's shield falls off.


Wave 9

star.png Small Illusionary Mystic (x1), moon.png Small Illusionary Banana-Tosser (x1), skull.png Small Illusionary Sha (x1). Time: 1:15

Nothing really new here - just kill the Mystic and Banana-Tosser and start working on the Sha (no CDs yet!) until his shield falls off.


Wave 10

diamond.png Large Illusionary Slayer (x1), skull.png Large Illusionary Sha (x1). Time: 1:20

The Sha is now Large so the health difference should be noticeable. There won't be enough time for a second burn phase, but you will be able to pick up a couple more percent if you didn't get it down in the first one.