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Above & Beyond,Group Therapy,2011,England
Airbase,We Might Fall,2011,Sweden
Alamaailman Vasarat,Käärmelautakunta,2003,Finland
Alan Parsons Project,The Best of the Alan Parsons Project,1983,England
Allman Brothers Band,Allman Brothers Band,1969,USA
Allman Brothers Band,Idlewild South,1970,USA
Allman Brothers Band,At Filmore East,1971,USA
Allman Brothers Band,Eat a Peach,1972,USA
Allman Brothers Band,Brothers and Sisters,1973,USA
Ambrosia,Somewhere I've Never Traveled,1978,USA
America,History: Greatest Hits,1975,USA
"Anderson, Jon",Olias of Sunhillow,1976,England
Aphex Twin,Richard D. James Album,1996,USA
Aphrodite's Child,666,1971,Greece
Area,Arbeit Macht Frei,1973,Italy
Area,Caution Radiation Area,1974,Italy
Area,"	1978 Gli Dei Se Ne Vanno, Gli Arrabbiati Restano!",1978,Italy
Arena,The Visitor,2000,England
Banco del Mutuo Soccorso,Banco del Mutuo Soccorso,1972,Italy
Banco del Mutuo Soccorso,Darwin!,1972,Italy
"Bardens, Pete",Water Colors,1991,England
"Bartok, Béla",Concerto for Orchestra,,Hungary
Beatles,Rubber Soul,1965,England
Beatles,Magical Mystery Tour,1967,England
Beatles,Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band,1967,England
Beatles,White Album,1968,England
Beatles,Abbey Road,1969,England
Beatles,Let it Be,1970,England
"Beethoven, Ludwig van",Symphonies 1-9,,Germany
"Beethoven, Ludwig van",Piano Sonatas,,Germany
"Beethoven, Ludwig van",Piano Sonatas,,Germany
Black Eyed Peas,Elephunk,2003,USA
Black Eyed Peas,Monkey Business,2005,USA
Black Eyed Peas,The Energy Never Dies,2009,USA
Black Eyed Peas,The Beginning,2010,USA
Black Sabbath,Paranoid,1970,England
Blue Öyster Cult,Agents of Fortune,1976,USA
Blue Öyster Cult,Spectres,1977,USA
Blue Öyster Cult,On Flame with Rock and Roll,1990,USA
"Bodin, Tomas",Pinup Guru,2002,Sweden
Bozzio Levin Stevens,Situation Dangerous,2000,USA
Brand X,Unorthodox Behavior,1976,England / USA
Brand X,Moroccan Roll,1977,England / USA
Brand X,Livestock,1977,England / USA
Brand X,Masque,1978,England / USA
Brand X,Product,1979,England / USA
Brand X,Do They Hurt?,1980,England / USA
Brand X,X Communication,1992,England / USA
Brand X,Manifest Destiny,1997,England / USA
Brand X,Trilogy (live CD),2003,England / USA
"Brubeck, Dave",Time Out,1959,USA
Bruford,Feels Good to Me,1977,England
Camel,The Snowgoose,1975,England
Camel,Rain Dances,1977,England
Camel,A Live Record,1978,England
Camel,I Can See Your House From Here,1979,England
Camel,The Single Factor,1982,England
Camel,Stationary Traveller,1984,England
Camel,Dust and Dreams,1992,England
Camel,Harbour of Dreams,1996,England
Camel,The Paris Collection,2001,England
Camel,A Nod and a Wink,2002,England
Camel,A Compact Compilation,1986,England
Can,Tago Mago,1971,Germany
Can,Ege Bramyasi,1972,Germany
Can,Future Days,1973,Germany
Caravan,"If I Could Do it All Over Again, I'd Do It All Over You",1970,England
Caravan,In the Land of Grey and Pink,1971,England
Caravan,Waterloo Lily,1972,England
Caravan,For Girls Who Grow Plump in the Night,1973,England
"Chapman, Steven",Declaration,2001,USA
"Chopin, Frederic",Nocturnes,,Poland
Chroma Key,Dead Air For Radios,1998,USA
"Clarke, Stanley",Stanley Clarke,1974,USA
"Coleman, Ornette",The Shape of Jazz to Come,1959,USA
"Clapton, Eric",The Cream of Clapton,1987,England
"Collins, Phil",Serious Hits... Live!,1990,England
"Coltrane, John",Blue Train,1957,USA
"Coltrane, John",Giant Steps,1960,USA
"Coltrane, John",My Favorite Things,1961,USA
"Coltrane, John",Africa / Brass,1961,USA
"Coltrane, John",Olé Coltrane,1962,USA
"Coltrane, John",John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman,1963,USA
"Coltrane, John",Impressions,1963,USA
"Coltrane, John",A Love Supreme,1965,USA
"Coltrane, John",Ascension,1965,USA
"Coltrane, John",Interstellar Space,1967,USA
Cream,Disraeli Gears,1967,England
Crystal Method,Vegas,1997,USA
"Davis, Miles",Birth of the Cool,1949,USA
"Davis, Miles",Round About Midnight,1955,USA
"Davis, Miles",Porgy and Bess,1958,USA
"Davis, Miles",Kind of Blue,1959,USA
"Davis, Miles",Sketches of Spain,1960,USA
"Davis, Miles",E.S.P.,1965,USA
"Davis, Miles",Live in Europe 1967,1967,USA
"Davis, Miles",In a Silent Way,1969,USA
"Davis, Miles",Bitches Brew,1970,USA
"Davis, Miles",A Tribute to Jack Johnson,1970,USA
"Davis, Miles",Tutu,1986,USA
The Decemberists,Castaways and Cutous,2002,USA
The Decemberists,Her Majesty,2003,USA
The Decemberists,Picaresque,2005,USA
The Decemberists,The Crane Wife,2006,USA
The Decemberists,The Hazards of Love,2009,USA
The Decemberists,The King is Dead,2011,USA
Deep Purple,Shades of Deep Purple,1968,England
Deep Purple,The Book of Taliesyn,1968,England
Deep Purple,Fireball,1971,England
Deep Purple,Machine Head,1972,England
Deep Purple,Burn,1974,England
Deep Purple,Perfect Strangers,1984,England
Deep Purple,"When We Rock We Rock, and When We Roll We Roll",1978,England
Deep Purple,Knockin at Your Back Door,1992,England
Def Leppard,Vault,1995,England
Deus Ex Machina,Cinque,2002,Italy
"Di Meola, Al",Elegant Gypsy,1977,USA
"Di Meola, Al",Kiss My Axe,1991,USA
"Di Meola, Al",The Infinite Desire,1998,USA
"Di Meola, Al",Winter Nights,1999,USA
"Di Meola, Al",The Grande Passion,2000,USA
"Di Meola, Al",Flesh on Flesh,2002,USA
"Di Meola, Al",Consequence of Chaos,2006,USA
"Di Meola, Al",Acoustic Anthology,1995,USA
"Di Meola, McLaughlin, and De Lucia",Friday Night in San Francisco,1980,USA / England / Spain
"Di Meola, McLaughlin, and De Lucia",Passion Grace & Fire,1983,USA / England / Spain
Dire Straits,Dire Straits,1978,England
Dixie Dregs,Full Circle,1994,USA
"Dolphy, Eric",Out to Lunch!,1964,USA
Dream Theater,When Dream and Day Unite,1989,USA
Dream Theater,Images and Words,1992,USA
Dream Theater,Live at the Marquee,1993,USA
Dream Theater,Awake,1994,USA
Dream Theater,A Change of Seasons,1995,USA
Dream Theater,Falling Into Infinity,1997,USA
Dream Theater,Once in a LIVEtime,1998,USA
Dream Theater,Scenes from a Memory,1999,USA
Dream Theater,Live Scenes from New York,2001,USA
Dream Theater,Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence,2002,USA
Dream Theater,Train of Thought,2003,USA
Dream Theater,Live at Budoken,2004,USA
Dream Theater,Octavarium,2005,USA
Dream Theater,Systematic Chaos,2007,USA
Dream Theater,Black Clouds and Silver Linings,2009,USA
"Dvo?ák, Antonin",Three Symphonies,,Czech
Eat Static,Abduction,1993,USA
Egg,The Polite Force,1971,England
Egg,The Civil Surface,1974,England
Emerson Lake and Palmer,Emerson Lake and Palmer,1970,England
Emerson Lake and Palmer,Tarkus,1971,England
Emerson Lake and Palmer,Pictures at an Exhibition,1971,England
Emerson Lake and Palmer,Trilogy,1972,England
Emerson Lake and Palmer,Brain Salad Surgery,1973,England
Enchant,A Blueprint to the World,1995,USA
Enchant,Time Lost,1997,USA
Enchant,Juggling 9 or Dropping 10,2000,USA
Enchant,Blink of an Eye,2002,USA
Et Cetera,Et Cetera,1976,Canada
"Evans, Bill",Everybody Digs,1958,USA
Explorer's Club,Age of Impact,1998,Various
Fates Warning,A Pleasant Shade of Grey,1997,USA
Five Iron Frenzy,Cheeses...,2003,USA
Béla Fleck and the Flecktones,Live Art,1996,USA
Béla Fleck and the Flecktones,Outbound,2000,USA
Béla Fleck and the Flecktones,Little Worlds,2003,USA
Béla Fleck and the Flecktones,The Hidden Land,2006,USA
The Flower Kings,Back in the World of Adventures,1995,Sweden
The Flower Kings,Retropolis,1996,Sweden
The Flower Kings,Stardust We Are,1997,Sweden
The Flower Kings,Limited Edition Quebec - 1998,1998,Sweden
The Flower Kings,Flower Power,1999,Sweden
The Flower Kings,Space Revolver,2000,Sweden
The Flower Kings,Alive on Planet Earth,2000,Sweden
The Flower Kings,The Rainmaker,2001,Sweden
The Flower Kings,Unfold the Future,2002,Sweden
The Flower Kings,Meet the Flower Kings,2003,Sweden
The Flower Kings,Adam and Eve,2004,Sweden
The Flower Kings,Paradox Hotel,2006,Sweden
The Flower Kings,The Sum of No Evil,2007,Sweden
FM,Black Noise,1977,Canada
Foo Fighters,Foo Fighters,1995,USA
Foo Fighters,The Colour and the Shape,1997,USA
Foo Fighters,In Your Honor,2005,USA
"Gaffigan, Jim",Beyond the Pale,2006,USA
"Gambale, Frank",Natural High,2006,USA
Genesis,From Genesis to Revelation,1969,England
Genesis,Nursery Cryme,1971,England
Genesis,Selling England by the Pound,1973,England
Genesis,The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway,1974,England
Genesis,Trick of the Tail,1976,England
Genesis,Wind and Wuthering,1976,England
Genesis,Seconds Out,1977,England
Genesis,...And Then There Were Three...,1978,England
Genesis,Invisible Touch,1986,England
Genesis,We Can't Dance,1991,England
Genesis,...Calling All Stations...,1997,England
Genesis,Live Over Europe,2007,England
Gentle Giant,Gentle Giant,1970,England
Gentle Giant,Acquiring the Taste,1971,England
Gentle Giant,Three Friends,1972,England
Gentle Giant,Octopus,1972,England
Gentle Giant,In a Glass House,1973,England
Gentle Giant,Power and the Glory,1974,England
Gentle Giant,Free Hand,1975,England
Gentle Giant,Interview,1976,England
Gentle Giant,Playing the Fool: Live,1977,England
Gentle Giant,The Missing Piece,1977,England
Gentle Giant,Giant for a Day,1978,England
Gentle Giant,Civilian,1980,England
Gentle Giant,Live in Rome 1974,1996,England
Gentle Giant,Under Construction,1997,England
Gentle Giant Tribute,Giant Tracks,1996,Various
Gerard,The Ruins of a Glass Fortress,2000,Japan
"Ginastera, Alberto",Piano Concertos 1 and 2,,Argentina
"Glass, Philip",Music in Twelve Parts,1974,USA
"Glass, Philip",Glassworks,1982,USA
"Glass, Philip",Symphonies 2 and 3,1994,USA
Gong,Magick Brother,1969,France
Gong,Camembert Electrique,1971,France
Gong,Flying Teapot,1973,France
Gong,Angel's Egg,1973,France
Gong,Live Etc.,1977,France
Gong,Expresso II,1978,France
Green Day,Dookie,1994,USA
"Grieg, Edvard",Peer Gynt Suite,,Norway
"Grisman, David",Hot Dawg,1978,USA
"Grisman, David",Dawg's Groove,2006,USA
Guns N' Roses,Use Your Illusion I,1991,USA
"Hancock, Herbie",Head Hunters,1973,USA
Hatfield and the North,Hatfield and the North,1974,England
Hatfield and the North,The Rotter's Club,1975,England
Head East,Flat as a Pancake,1974,USA
"Hedberg, Mitch",Strategic Grill Locations,1999,USA
"Hedberg, Mitch",Mitch All Together,2003,USA
"Hedberg, Mitch",Do You Believe in Gosh?,2008,USA
"Hendrix, Jimi",Electric Ladyland,1968,USA
"Hendrix, Jimi",The Ultimate Experience,1993,USA
"Holdsworth, Allan",I.O.U.,1982,England
"Holdsworth, Allan",Road Games,1983,England
"Holdsworth, Allan",Metal Fatigue,1985,England
"Holdsworth, Allan",Atavachron,1986,England
"Holdsworth, Allan",Sand,1987,England
"Holdsworth, Allan",Secrets,1989,England
"Holdsworth, Allan",Wardenclyffe Tower,1992,England
"Holdsworth, Allan",The Sixteen Men of Tain,1999,England
"Holdsworth, Allan",All Night Wrong,2003,England
Holland / Barre,Music From Two Basses,1971,England / USA
"Hopper, Hugh",1984,1973,England
"Hopper, Hugh",Hopper Tunity Box,1977,England
Horizont,Summer in Town,1985,Russia
"Howe, Steve",The Grand Scheme of Things,1993,England
Inner Soul,Leaving the Soul Within,2001,USA
Jaga Jazzist,Magazine,1998,Norway
Jaga Jazzist,What We Must,2005,Norway
Jethro Tull,Original Masters,1985,England
"Johnson, Eric",Venus Isle,1996,USA
Jon and Vangelis,The Friends of Mr. Cairo,1981,England / Greece
Jon and Vangelis,The Best of Jon and Vangelis,1984,England / Greece
Kansas,Song for America,1975,USA
Kansas,Point of No Return,1977,USA
Kansas,The Best of Kansas,1984,USA
Kansas,Somewhere to Elsewhere,2000,USA
Kenso,Kenso II,1982,Japan
Kenso,Yume No Oka,1991,Japan
Kenso,In the West,1998,Japan
Kenso,Fabulis Mirabilibus de Bobycosi Scriptis,2004,Japan
Khan,Space Shanty,1972,England
King Crimson,In the Court of the Crimson King,1969,England
King Crimson,In the Wake of Poseidon,1970,England
King Crimson,Lizard,1970,England
King Crimson,Islands,1971,England
King Crimson,Larks' Tongues in Aspic,1973,England
King Crimson,Starless and Bible Black,1974,England
King Crimson,Red,1974,England
King Crimson,USA,1975,England
King Crimson,Discipline,1981,England
King Crimson,Beat,1982,England
King Crimson,Three of a Perfect Pair,1984,England
King Crimson,THRAK,1995,England
King Crimson,The Construction of Light,2000,England
King Crimson,The Power to Believe,2003,England
King of Kings,Ascending,2002,USA
King of Kings,I Believe,2003,USA
Nugyên Lê,Bakida,2000,France
Nugyên Lê,Walking on the Tiger's Tail,2005,France
Led Zeppelin,Led Zeppelin,1969,England
Led Zeppelin,Led Zeppelin II,1969,England
Led Zeppelin,Led Zeppelin III,1970,England
Led Zeppelin,Led Zeppelin IV,1971,England
Led Zeppelin,Houses of the Holy,1973,England
Led Zeppelin,Physical Graffiti,1975,England
Led Zeppelin,Presence,1976,England
Led Zeppelin,In Through the Out Door,1979,England
Geddy Lee,My Favorite Headache,2000,Canada
"Levin, Tony",Waters of Eden,2000,USA
Life Aquatic,The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou,2005,Various
Liquid Tension Experiment,Liquid Tension Experiment,1998,USA
Liquid Tension Experiment,Liquid Tension Experiment II,1999,USA
Locanda Delle Fate,Forse le lucciole non si amano più,1977,Italy
Lotus,Chicago 2004 (bootleg),2004,USA
Lotus,Chicago 2005 (bootleg),2005,USA
Lotus,Baltimore 2005 (bootleg),2005,USA
Lotus,The Strength of Weak Ties,2006,USA
Lotus,Escaping the Sargasso Sea,2007,USA
Lotus,Oil on Glass / Feather on Wood,2009,USA
Lounge Lizards,Lounge Lizards,1981,USA
Lounge Lizards,Big Heart: Live in Tokyo,1986,USA
Lounge Lizards,Queen of All Ears,1998,USA
Lynyrd Skynyrd,The Essential Lynyrd Skynyrd,1998,USA
Magma,1000 Degrees Centigrade,1971,France
Magma,Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh,1973,France
Mahavishnu Orchestra,Birds of Fire,1973,England / USA
Marillion,Script for a Jester's Tear,1983,England
Marillion,Seasons End,1989,England
Marillion,Afraid of Sunlight,1995,England
Marillion,This Strange Engine,1997,England
The Mars Volta,Frances the Mute,2005,USA / Mexico
"Martin, Demetri",These Are Jokes,2006,USA
"McFerrin, Bobby",Spontaneous Inventions,1985,USA
McLaughling/Pastorius/Williams,Trio of Doom,2007,England / USA
Medeski Martin and Wood,Friday Afternoon in the Universe,1995,USA
Medeski Martin and Wood,End of the World Party,2004,USA
Medeski Martin and Wood,Radiolarians I,2008,USA
"Meloy, Colin",Colin Meloy Sings Live!,2008,USA
"Mendes, Sergio",Four Sider,1988,Brazil
"Mendes, Sergio",Timeless,2006,Brazil
Metallica,Ride the Lightning,1984,USA
Metallica,Master of Puppets,1986,USA
Metallica,And Justice for All,1988,USA
Metallica,The Black Album,1991,USA
"Metheny, Pat",Bright Size Life,1976,USA
"Metheny, Pat",Quartet,1996,USA
"Metheny, Pat",One Quiet Night,2003,USA
"Metheny, Pat",The Way Up,2005,USA
Mike + the Mechanics,Mike + the Mechanics,1985,England
Mike + the Mechanics,Living Years,1988,England
"Monk, Thelonius","Straight, No Chaser",1966,USA
The Moody Blues,Days of Future Passed,1967,England
"Morricone, Ennio","The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly",1966,Italy
"Morse, Neal",Merry Christmas,2000,USA
Mujician,The Journey,1991,England
Mullmuzzler,Keep it To Yourself,1999,Canada
"Mussorgsky, Modest",Pictures at an Exhibition,,Russia
My Brightest Diamond,A Thousand Shark's Teeth,2008,USA
National Health,Playtime,2001,England
No Doubt,Tragic Kingdom,1995,USA
"Nugent, Ted",Super Hits,1998,USA
"Oldfield, Mike",Tubular Bells,1973,England
The OneUps,Super Mario Kart,2010,USA
Opeth,Ghost Reveries,2005,Sweden
Le Orme,Felona e Sorona,1973,Italy
Orphan Project,Orphan Found,2003,USA
"Osbourne, Ozzy",Blizzard of Oz,1980,England
"Osbourne, Ozzy",Diary of a Madman,1981,England
"Osbourne, Ozzy",The Ultimate Sin,1986,England
"Osbourne, Ozzy",Ozzmosis,1995,England
"Oswalt, Patton",Feelin' Kinda Patton,2004,USA
"Oswalt, Patton",Werewolves and Lollipops,2007,USA
"Oswalt, Patton",My Weakness is Strong,2009,USA
"Oswalt, Patton",My Finest Hour,2011,USA
Ozric Tentacles,Erpsongs,1985,England
Ozric Tentacles,Tantric Obstacles,1985,England
Ozric Tentacles,Live Ethereal Cereal,1986,England
Ozric Tentacles,There is Nothing,1986,England
Ozric Tentacles,Sliding Gliding Worlds,1988,England
Ozric Tentacles,The Bits Between the Bits,1989,England
Ozric Tentacles,Pungent Effulgent,1989,England
Ozric Tentacles,Erpland,1990,England
Ozric Tentacles,Strangeitude,1991,England
Ozric Tentacles,Live Underslunky,1992,England
Ozric Tentacles,Jurassic Shift,1993,England
Ozric Tentacles,Arborescence,1994,England
Ozric Tentacles,Become the Other,1995,England
Ozric Tentacles,Curious Corn,1997,England
Ozric Tentacles,Waterfall Cities,1999,England
Ozric Tentacles,Swirly Termination,2000,England
Ozric Tentacles,The Hidden Step,2000,England
Ozric Tentacles,Spirals in Hyperspace,2004,England
Ozric Tentacles,The Floor's Too Far Away,2006,England
Ozric Tentacles,Sunrise Festival,2008,England
Ozric Tentacles,The Yum Yum Tree,2009,England
Pain of Salvation,One Hour by the Concrete Lake,1998,Sweden
Pain of Salvation,Remedy Lane,2002,Sweden
Pain of Salvation,Be,2004,Sweden
"Parker, Charlie",Timeless,2002,USA
"Pastorius, Jaco",Jaco Pastorius,1976,USA
"Pastorius, Jaco",Word of Mouth,1981,USA
Pearl Jam,Vitalogy,1994,USA
Pendragon,The Jewel,1985,England
Pendragon,Fallen Dreams and Angels,1994,England
Pendragon,Live in Krakow 1996,1997,England
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers,Greatest Hits,1993,USA
Pink Floyd,The Piper at the Gates of Dawn,1967,England
Pink Floyd,A Saucerful of Secrets,1968,England
Pink Floyd,Atom Heart Mother,1970,England
Pink Floyd,Meddle,1971,England
Pink Floyd,Obscured by Clouds,1972,England
Pink Floyd,Dark Side of the Moon,1973,England
Pink Floyd,Wish You Were Here,1975,England
Pink Floyd,Animals,1977,England
Pink Floyd,The Wall,1979,England
Pink Floyd,A Momentary Lapse of Reason,1987,England
Pink Floyd,The Division Bell,1994,England
Plone,For Beginner Piano,1999,England
Porcupine Tree,On the Sunday of Life,1991,England
Porcupine Tree,Signify,1996,England
Porcupine Tree,In Absentia,2002,England
Premiata Forneria Marconi,Storia di Un Minuto,1972,Italy
Premiata Forneria Marconi,Per Un Amico,1972,Italy
Premiata Forneria Marconi,Photos of Ghosts,1973,Italy
Premiata Forneria Marconi,L'Isola di Niente,1974,Italy
Premiata Forneria Marconi,The Chocolate Kings,1975,Italy
Premiata Forneria Marconi,Jet Lag,1977,Italy
Premiata Forneria Marconi,Passpartu,1978,Italy
Premiata Forneria Marconi,Suonare Suonare,1980,Italy
Premiata Forneria Marconi,A Celebration Live,1998,Italy
The Presidents of the United States of America,The Presidents of the United States of America,1995,USA
Primus,Frizzle Fry,1990,USA
Primus,Sailing the Seas of Cheese,1991,USA
Primus,Pork Soda,1993,USA
Primus,Tales from the Punch Bowl,1995,USA
"Prokofiev, Sergei",Concertos 1 and 3,,Russia
"Prokofiev, Sergei",Five Piano Concertos,,Russia
Queen,A Night at the Opera,1975,England
Queen,The Game,1980,England
Queensrÿche,Hear in the Now Frontier,1997,USA
"Rachmaninov, Sergei",Piano Concertos 2 and 3,,Russia
Radiohead,The Bends,1995,England
Radiohead,OK Computer,1997,England
Rainbow,The Very Best of Rainbow,1997,England
"Ravel, Maurice",Boléro,,France
Return to Forever,Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy,1973,USA
Return to Forever,Where Have I Known You Before,1974,USA
Return to Forever,No Mystery,1975,USA
Return to Forever,Romantic Warrior,1976,USA
Return to Forever,Returns,2008,USA
"Rich, Buddy",Swingin' New Big Band,1966,USA
"Rich, Buddy",Compact Jazz,1987,USA
"Rimsky-Korsakov, Sergei",Symphonies 1 and 2,,Russia
"Rimsky-Korsakov, Sergei",Scheherezade,,Russia
"Rollins, Sony",Saxophone Colossus,1956,USA
"Rudess, Jordan",Feeding the Wheel,2001,USA
Rush,Fly by Night,1975,Canada
Rush,Caress of Steel,1975,Canada
Rush,All the World's a Stage,1976,Canada
Rush,A Farewell to Kings,1977,Canada
Rush,Permanent Waves,1980,Canada
Rush,Moving Pictures,1981,Canada
Rush,Exit... Stage Left,1981,Canada
Rush,Grace Under Pressure,1984,Canada
Rush,Power Windows,1985,Canada
Rush,Hold Your Fire,1987,Canada
Rush,A Show of Hands,1989,Canada
Rush,Roll the Bones,1991,Canada
Rush,Test for Echo,1996,Canada
Rush,Different Stages,1998,Canada
Rush,Vapor Trails,2002,Canada
Rush,Rush in Rio,2003,Canada
Rush,Snakes and Arrow,2007,Canada
Rush,The Story of Kings,1992,Canada
Rush,Retrospective II,1997,Canada
Saga,Worlds Apart,1981,Canada
"Sanders, Pharoah",Tauhid,1967,USA
"Sanders, Pharoah",Karma,1969,USA
"Sanders, Pharoah",Jewels of Thought,1969,USA
"Sanders, Pharoah",Elevation,1973,USA
"Satriani, Joe",Strange Beautiful Music,2002,USA
SAWA,Welcome to Sa-World,2010,Japan
Scorpions,Animal Magnetism,1980,Germany
Scorpions,Crazy World,1990,Germany
Shadow Gallery,Tyranny,1998,USA
Shadow Gallery,Legacy,2001,USA
"Sherinian, Derek",Planet X,1999,USA
"Sherinian, Derek",Inertia,2001,USA
Shylock,Ile de Fièvre,1978,France
"Small, Brendon",Home Movies bonus CD,2004,USA
Soft Cell,Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret,1981,England
Soft Machine,Volume One,1968,England
Soft Machine,Volume Two,1969,England
Soft Machine,Third,1970,England
Soft Machine,Fourth,1971,England
Soft Machine,5,1972,England
Soft Machine,Six,1973,England
Soft Machine,Seven,1973,England
Soft Machine,Live in Paris,2004,England
Soft Works,Abracadabra,2003,England
Spock's Beard,The Light,1995,USA
Spock's Beard,Beware of Darkness,1996,USA
Spock's Beard,The Kindness of Strangers,1998,USA
Spock's Beard,Day for Night,1999,USA
Spock's Beard,Don't Try This at Home,2000,USA
Spock's Beard,V,2000,USA
Spock's Beard,There and Here,2002,USA
Spock's Beard,Snow,2002,USA
"Stevens, Sufjan",Illinois,2005,USA
Stone Temple Pilots,Core,1992,USA
Stone Temple Pilots,Purple,1994,USA
Stone Temple Pilots,Tiny Music... Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop,1996,USA
Stone Temple Pilots,Shangri - La Di Da,2001,USA
"Stratos, Demetrio",Concerto all'Elfo,1995,Italy
Styx,The Grand Illusion,1977,USA
Styx,Greatest Hits,1995,USA
The Tangent,The Music That Died Alone,2003,England / Sweden
Tangerine Dream,Phaedra,1974,Germany
"Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilyich",Swan Lake,,Russia
"Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilyich",1812 Overture,,Russia
"Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilyich",Symphony 2,,Russia
Tears for Fears,Songs from the Big Chair,1985,England
They Might Be Giants,The Spine,2004,USA
"Tiersen, Yann",Amélie (Soundtrack),2003,France
Tiles,Fence the Clear,1997,USA
Tiles,Presents of Mind,1999,USA
Tiles,Ytsecon 2002,2002,USA
"Tippet, Keith",You are Here... I am There,1969,England
Tooth and Nail,Sampler 2,2001,USA
"Torn, David",Prezens,2007,USA
Tourniquet,Stop the Bleeding,1990,USA
Trans-Siberian Orchestra,Christmas Eve and Other Stories,1996,USA
Trans-Siberian Orchestra,The Christmas Attic,1998,USA
Transatlantic,SMPT:E,2000,USA / England / Sweden
Transatlantic,Live in America,2001,USA / England / Sweden
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Weather Report,Weather Report,1971,USA
Weather Report,I Sing the Body Electric,1972,USA
Weather Report,Sweetnighter,1973,USA
Weather Report,Mysterious Traveller,1974,USA
Weather Report,Tale Spinnin',1975,USA
Weather Report,Black Market,1976,USA
Weather Report,Heavy Weather,1977,USA
Weather Report,Mr. Gone,1978,USA
Weather Report,8:30,1979,USA
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The World Ends With You,OST,2007,Japan
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Yes,Going for the One,1977,England
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Yes,Keys to Ascension II,1997,England
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Yes,Beyond and Before,1997,England
Yes,Friends & Relatives,1998,England
Yes,The Ladder,1999,England
Ytsejams,Volume 1,2002,USA
"Zappa, Frank",Freak Out,1966,USA
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