I am a big fan of music and thus have an extensive collection I've built up over the years. The first few CDs I owned were popular bands of the early 90s I got in middle school. By the time I was in high school I had been turned onto 70s classic rock like Led Zeppelin and other hard rock. But the turning point where I really got into music was when I discovered prog rock. Rush was my first love, but I soon took interest in other big names of the genre like Yes and Genesis. From this point on music wasn't just a trivial expression like my favorite color, it was a deep appreciation of the thing itself. My interests grew in all directions, exploring more fusion, jazz, and classical.

By the time I was 16 I had to play an instrument. That age is late to start - most people have been playing for years by that point. In retrospect I had my work cut out for me more than I realized. Still, I took up bass guitar because I was a huge fan of Geddy Lee and Chris Squire (I didn't know about Pastorius or Wooten yet). I took private lessons for years, learned to play a lot of Rush, and played in a church group. I minored in music at college - for one semester I was doing a double major, but that was a ridiculous amount of work. By that point I had to accept that I didn't have much of a career in music. I could struggle to improve my skills and maybe get some work doing things I didn't really have much interest in, in an industry that does not pay very well nor have any stability, or I could pursue computer science (my original major). I had a lot more talent in that field and that career promised more stability and better pay. It was an easy choice. But I did get that minor and a ton of musical knowledge and experience.

Over the years I stopped playing bass as much. Currently my instruments sit in a closet. With dreams of one day being a world class player faded, and the lack of environments that foster playing post-college, I just ended up getting involved in other interests instead. But I don't regret any of the study I did or how much I pursued playing through the years - as I said, I built up a lot of musical knowledge that will be with me for many years to come. My interest in music as a whole have continued to grow, and my appreciations get deeper, whether I'm playing or listening.