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Coltrane, John Impressions USA 1963
Coltrane, John Ascension USA 1965
Coltrane, John A Love Supreme USA 1965
Coltrane, John Interstellar Space USA 1967
Cream Disraeli Gears UK 1967
Crystal Method Vegas USA 1997
Daft Punk Random Access Memories France 2013
Daft Punk Homework France
Davis, Miles Birth of the Cool USA 1949
Davis, Miles Round About Midnight USA 1955
Davis, Miles Porgy and Bess USA 1958
Davis, Miles Kind of Blue USA 1959
Davis, Miles Sketches of Spain USA 1960
Davis, Miles E.S.P. USA 1965
Davis, Miles Live in Europe 1967 USA 1967
Davis, Miles In a Silent Way USA 1969
Davis, Miles Bitch's Brew USA 1970
Davis, Miles A Tribute to Jack Johnson USA 1970
Davis, Miles Tutu USA 1986
Decemberists Castaways and Cutouts USA 2002
Decemberists Her Majesty USA 2003
Decemberists Picaresque USA 2005
Decemberists The Crane Wife USA 2006
Decemberists The Hazards of Love USA 2009
Decemberists The King is Dead USA 2011
Deep Purple The Book of Taliesyn UK 1968
Deep Purple Shades of Deep Purple UK 1968
Deep Purple Fireball UK 1971
Deep Purple Machine Head UK 1972
Deep Purple Burn UK 1974
Deep Purple When We Rock We Rock, and When We Roll We Roll UK 1978
Deep Purple Perfect Strangers UK 1984
Deep Purple Knockin at Your Back Door UK 1992
Def Leppard Vault UK 1995
Deus Ex Machina Cinque Italy 2002
Di Meola, Al Elegant Gypsy USA 1977
Di Meola, Al Kiss My Axe USA 1991
Di Meola, Al Acoustic Anthology USA 1995
Di Meola, Al The Infinite Desire USA 1998
Di Meola, Al Winter Nights USA 1999
Di Meola, Al The Grande Passion USA 2000
Di Meola, Al Flesh on Flesh USA 2002
Di Meola, Al Consequence of Chaos USA 2006
Di Meola, McLaughlin, and De Lucia Friday Night in San Francisco USA/UK/Spain 1980
Di Meola, McLaughlin, and De Lucia Passion Grace & Fire USA/UK/Spain 1983
Dire Straits Dire Straits UK 1978
Dixie Dregs Full Circle USA 1994
Dolphy, Eric Out to Lunch! USA 1964
Dream Theater When Dream and Day Unite USA 1989
Dream Theater Images and Words USA 1992
Dream Theater Live at the Marquee USA 1993
Dream Theater Awake USA 1994
Dream Theater A Change of Seasons USA 1995
Dream Theater Falling Into Infinity USA 1997
Dream Theater Once in a LIVEtime USA 1998
Dream Theater Scenes from a Memory USA 1999
Dream Theater Live Scenes from New York USA 2001
Dream Theater Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence USA 2002
Dream Theater Train of Thought USA 2003
Dream Theater Live at Budoken USA 2004
Dream Theater Octavarium USA 2005
Dream Theater Systematic Chaos USA 2007
Dream Theater Black Clouds and Silver Linings USA 2009
Dream Theater A Dramatic Turn of Events USA 2011
Dvorák, Antonin Three Symphonies Czech Republic
Eat Static Abduction USA 1993
Egg Egg UK 1970
Egg The Polite Force UK 1971
Egg The Civil Surface UK 1974
Emerson Lake and Palmer Emerson Lake and Palmer UK 1970
Emerson Lake and Palmer Pictures at an Exhibition UK 1971
Emerson Lake and Palmer Tarkus UK 1971
Emerson Lake and Palmer Trilogy UK 1972
Emerson Lake and Palmer Brain Salad Surgery UK 1973
Enchant A Blueprint to the World USA 1995
Enchant Time Lost USA 1997
Enchant Break USA 1998
Enchant Juggling 9 or Dropping 10 USA 2000
Enchant Blink of an Eye USA 2002
Eno, Brian Lux UK 2012
Et Cetera Et Cetera Canada 1976
Evans, Bill Everybody Digs USA 1958
Explorer's Club Age of Impact Various 1998
FM Black Noise Canada 1977
Fates Warning A Pleasant Shade of Grey USA 1997
Five Iron Frenzy Cheeses... USA 2003
Fleck, Béla and the Flecktones Live Art USA 1996
Fleck, Béla and the Flecktones Outbound USA 2000
Fleck, Béla and the Flecktones Little Worlds USA 2003
Fleck, Béla and the Flecktones The Hidden Land USA 2006
Flower Kings Back in the World of Adventures Sweden 1995
Flower Kings Retropolis Sweden 1996
Flower Kings Stardust We Are Sweden 1997
Flower Kings Limited Edition Quebec - 1998 Sweden 1998
Flower Kings Flower Power Sweden 1999
Flower Kings Space Revolver Sweden 2000
Flower Kings Alive on Planet Earth Sweden 2000
Flower Kings The Rainmaker Sweden 2001
Flower Kings Unfold the Future Sweden 2002
Flower Kings Meet the Flower Kings Sweden 2003