Achievement and Collection Tracking

This page is for helping me keep track of requirements for various achievements, toy collections, etc


Field Medic

This is one of the long and grindy types and is the last achievement I have left in the profession tab. To get it you have to get these random world mob drops that give you a quest to heal/bandage/whatever some NPC out in the world. It was bugged for a long time such that you didn't actually get credit for achievement progress - basically for the entirety of the leveling experience it didn't work.


Educated Guesser

I think the best way to do this is probably with a group, if possible

COMPLETED. Got a group to just pick up rank 1 cards and bet on winning

Draenor Pet Brawler

This one really shouldn't be too hard. I'm at 1530/2000 pet battles, just need to grind. This is the last garrison achievement (and monument) I need

Beyond Achievements

Talon's Vengeance reputation

Tokens give 100 rep, 110 with Darkmoon Faire buff. No cap on how many you can stack. I'm 1270/12000 honored, so to get exalted I need about 289 more tokens. Blech.

COMPLETED. This really wasn't that bad, I have a lot more prestige to go.

Conjurer Margoss reputation

Stranger - level range: 0-8400
Acquaintance - level range: 8400-16800
Buddy - level range: 16800-25200
Friend - level range: 25200-33600
Good Friend - level range: 33600-42000
Best Friend - level range: 42000-42999

Each drowned mana is 50 rep so it would take about 840 drowned mana, plus another couple hundred for all of the toys/mount. That's not too bad with drowned mana farm groups.


  • A Tiny Set of Warglaives - Demon Hunter class mount needed
  • Akazamzarak's Spare Hat - Mage class mount needed
  • Barrier Generator
  • Blight Boar Microphone
  • Crate of Bobbers: Can of Worms - world fishing very easy to get these world fishing ones post 7.2.5
  • Crate of Bobbers: Cat Head - world fishing
  • Crate of Bobbers: Murloc Head - Conjurer Margoss
  • Crate of Bobbers: Squeaky Duck - Conjurer Margoss
  • Crate of Bobbers: Tugboat - world fishing
  • Crate of Bobbers: Wooden Pepe - world fishing
  • Dragon Body Costume - Lunar Festival, forgot about this last year
  • Dragon Head Costume - Lunar Festival
  • Dragon Tail Costume - Lunar Festival
  • Estemeed Pennant - Prestige 16
  • Hearthstation
  • Holy Lightsphere
  • Horse Head Costume
  • Horse Tail Costume
  • Legion Communication Orb
  • Lingering Wyrmtongue Essence - 50,000 nethershards
  • Magical Saucer - Mage class mount needed
  • Micro-Artillery Controller
  • Mother's Skinning Knife - skinning
  • Pilfered Sweeper - Wyrmtongue Cache
  • Red Conservatory Scroll
  • Set of Matches - Midsummer
  • S.F.E. Interceptor - Squadron Commander Vishax
  • Shoe Shine Kit - unknown
  • Sightless Eye - Rezira the Seer
  • Sira's Extra Cloak - Warden's paragon bonus I think
  • Skull of Corruption - Gul'dan drop, DH only
  • Spire of Spite - Sister  Subversia
  • Stormforged Vrykul Horn - warrior arena thing
  • Sturdy Love Fool - Love is in the Air holiday
  • Surviving Kalimdor - alliance, 15k gold
  • Suspicious Crate - rogue class mount required
  • The Azeroth Campaign - horde 15k gold
  • To Modernize the Provisioning of Azeroth - alliance 15k gold
  • Unstable Powder Box - withered army training
  • Vrykul Toy Boat Kit
  • Walking Kalimdor with the Earthmother - horde 15k gold
  • Warning Sign - Jakur, Timeless Isle

Argus Toys/Mounts


  • Sabuul - Fel-spotted Egg
  • Instructor Tehrana - Red Conservatory Scroll
  • Wrangler Kravos - Maddened Chaosrunner

Antorun Wastes

  • Squadron Commander Vishax - S.F.E. Interceptor
  • Vorga - Fel-spotted Egg
  • Rezira the Seer - Sightless Eye
  • Wrath-Lord Yarez - Micro-Artillery Controller
  • Doom Lord Supraxx


  • Spire of Spite - Sister  Subversia
  • Naraou - Fel-Spotted Egg